Alexander Schecher

Training Programme Manager


Working as a training programme manager for a German fintech company. My responsibilities comprise designing and implementing coaching, leadership trainings and sales trainings and workshops.

"Be curious, not judgmental" - Ted Lasso. I've always been passionate about personal development and growth and the PRI is a superb tool to figure out on which strengths you can already build. It's the begin of a journey, not the search for a destination.

Amanda Page

Leadership and Change Coach

United Kingdom

Life is a series of changes to navigate. Sometimes we plan for them and other times they are unexpected. Regardless of the type of change we face, our level of resilience plays a key role in how we respond, make sense of, and journey through it.

I collaborate with leaders and their teams to build the capabilities and resilience they need to keep moving and accelerate change and growth.

Anja H Förster

Personal Empowerment Expert


Anja has a PhD in chemistry. For more than 20 years she is focusing on empowering individuals and teams as their coach, trainer and speaker.

Anja uses her exceptional analytical mind and her intuition to enable her clients to reach their full potential. With her certification in PRI, NLP, SoulCollage®, and Theta healing®, Anja provides her clients with the best chance for lasting transformation. She works in English and German.

Annette Ebbinghaus

Resilience & Performance Coach


Annette is a globally sought after mental fitness resilience coach and master sophrologist. She applies “the first wealth is health” ethos for herself and her clients be they senior executives, young professionals, or sole proprietors.

She draws on 30+ years of international experience on three continents. As the creator, of the sophrology based, beChill® Exams and Life programs she addresses the resilience needs of adolescents and young adults.

Charlotte Wiseman

Leadership Consultant & Coach

United Kingdom

Charlotte Wiseman is an applied Positive Psychology and Leadership Consultant and coach known for her pioneering research in CEO Burnout and Mental Fitness. A member of the British Psychological Society and International Positive Psychology Association, Charlotte has coached and trained thousands of leaders and individuals around the world to optimise mental fitness, maximising their performance and wellbeing. Cleints include Amazon audible, Soho House, innocent drinks, Colliers International and Vinci Plc.

Christiane Waller

Personal Development Expert


"Man is not human being, man is a human becoming" – Heinz von Foerster. This famous sentence is describing what I focus on in my work: Unlocking potentials in individuals and teams.

With the PRI as a highly professional starting point, I accompany you on your journey through change and development processes. Extensive experience in training and coaching, based on effective training methods is what you can rely on.

Erika Shapiro

Mental Fitness Coach

United States

Using PQ, Positive Intelligence framework we will peel back the layers to find your true sweet center. A place of peace and happiness where you feel your true essence is seen, valued, and celebrated!

Let's start this journey together!

Glyn Cave

Executive Coach

United Kingdom

Helping individuals grow & develop to realise their full potential gives me huge satisfaction. Key to any development journey is increased self-awareness.

Using the PRI provides clients with vital information about themselves which leads to a rich and deeper dialogue during the coaching process. The insights gained result in more focused outcomes and sustained personal growth and transformation.

Ingrid Balogh

Leadership Coach, CPCC, PCC


I support managers globally in developing high-impact leadership. This includes confidence, resilience, and executive presence as much as communication, delegation, team management. I have a special place in my coaching practice for women in leadership.

My coaching has often been called "a life changing experience". I work intuitively; I combine practical tools, mindfulness and embodiment practices with baseline coaching as the process requires.

Kelly Ackroyd

Executive Coach


Professional coaching should facilitate your authentic self-expression. Aiming to enhance your self-awareness will allow you to uncover hidden potential and remove the blockages holding you back.

A tiny shift has the power to initiate a transformational process that can change your professional and private life forever. Your success is my mission. I am based in Italy, working in German and English with companies and individuals.

Lucy Hampton

Coach, Leadership & OD Specialist

United Kingdom

I am an experienced coach, facilitator and OD Specialist, who works with teams and individuals. I work with organisations and Leaders to help them clarify and reach their goals.

My style is to be supportive, challenging and non-judgemental. My key belief is that the role of organisations is to create a culture where people can be at their best. My mission is to help build high performing, resilient organisation where people can flourish

Magnus Holst

Coach-Change Magican


My purpose have always been to help people to find clarity to what to do based on all available options they have based on their enormous potential. The art of asking questions and adding structure make you conscious about your unconscious and by that you are ready to take responsibility and accountability for your own development.

Monika Hermann

Resilience Coach and Self-Development Guide


Working with individuals and helping them re-find their true authentic selves, to see them grow and uncover their own unique voices, brings me the most joy.

As a physiotherapist, researcher, and athlete, I deeply understand how a healthy mind is at the core of our well-being. As my core values are to be a compassionate, nonjudgmental, still challenging presence, I help clients reveal their unconscious and support them during their integration.

Ned Eustace

Business Psychologist

United States

Ned is a specialized executive coach with 20+ years of experience working with firms ranging from leaders in their industry to new ventures.

As an organizational psychologist with a graduate degree from Columbia University he is passionate about assessing, unlocking, and developing the necessary skills in leaders and their teams to accelerate growth, perform at scale and thrive into the unkown.

Satu Ahlman

Executive Performance Advisor


Specialized in helping growth and mid-size companies in IT, tech and finance, I've worked with over 1500 private and corporate clients since 2007 across the globe. I help leaders enable healthy top level performance and growth, with a focus on self-awareness, self-leadership and resilience.

I support high performers in designing optimal lifestyles with the help of science, data and behaviour modification. Maximizing capacity, efficiency, top performance without sacrificing resilience and health.

Suzanne Walshe

Leadership, Career & Life Strategist


With more than 20 years’ experience in management, executive coaching, career strategy and facilitation (MBA, PCC), I offer a holistic and tailored approach.

I support leaders and teams from diverse backgrounds to connect with their “why”, sustain their focus and energy, strengthen their resilience and expand their capacity to better manage themselves, their priorities, their relationships and careers as they navigate through uncertainty and turbulence.

Tianne Croshaw

Resilient Facilitator & Coach

United Kingdom

I have been developing and delivering Resilient Leadership/Team Programmes for the pharmaceutical, rail, retail, and charity sector for nearly twenty years. I am passionate about helping management increase their resilience and wellbeing.

I have run a 3-year Resilience Programme that helped a pharmaceutical client reduce stress-related absenteeism from 8% to 0%. I am also a contributing author to the book ‘Organisational Change’.

Ulrika Celsing

Performance Coach


Our wellbeing largely determines how successful we are going to be at life, relationships and in our careers. With a coaching philosophy grounded in the key fundamentals of health, I specialise in helping leaders mindfully master habits required to optimise performance, mindset and health.

I'm a professional certified coach (ICF ACC), speaker and an international coach trainer. I work with individuals and organisations who are ready to invest in human capital. My strengths as a coach are my empathetic and inspiring nature combined with a systemic approach to getting results, challenging my clients to grow and develop.