Empower Your Client Practice:


FoundationS Training

Level 1

PRI Core
Foundations Training

Empower Your Client Practice

Gain foundational knowledge and skills in the neuropsychobiology and application of PRI. Become a certified PRI Practitioner and use the PRI with clients in 1-1 settings.


Ideal for

  • Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Trainers
  • L&D Professionals


Self-paced learning and virtual live workshops

Time commitment

approx. 30 hrs


€ 1,997 (plus VAT, if applicable)

* A minimum of 2 years experience in 1-1 coaching, training development and delivery or equivalent required for attendance.

Training Highlights

In-Depth Learning: Engage with self-paced modules to learn about the neuropsychobiology of resilience and the PRI's structure and effectiveness.

Hands-On Experience: Participate in 5 virtual workshops (5 hours each) to build the practical skills to create impactful debriefs for your clients.

Client Practice: Receive 10 complimentary credits to administer the PRI to your clients.

Certification: Complete a two-part exam to earn your PRI Practitioner certification.

Professional Recognition: Get listed as a certified PRI Practitioner on our website.

How to become a certified PRI Practitioner

Ready to empower your client practice with the PRI?

Fill out our application form and book a 20-minute call to discuss your application. Remember, the PRI Certification is more than just a simple notch in your belt - it's a step towards transforming your approach to rresilience and sustainable peak performance.


Who is the Personal Resilience Indicator (PRI) for?

Is the Personal Resilience Indicator statistically valid?

Which languages are available?

Who can conduct a PRI debrief?

What can I expect from an individual PRI debrief?

How did you come up with the dimensions the PRI measures?

Can the PRI profile be used to guide hiring or performance appraisal processes?

How does the Personal Resilience Indicator compare to other resilience or mental wellbeing assessments?